Egittologia Pisa

Egitto e Vicino Oriente 44 (2021)

Editor-in-chief: Marilina Betrò

  • Flora Silvano – Edda Bresciani (1930-2020)
  • Marilina Betrò, Flora Silvano (a cura di) – Biografia di Edda Bresciani
  • Marina Sokolova – The Enigma of Stars, Animals, and Plants in the Coffin Texts
  • Mattia Mancini – Studio dei frammenti di un Libro dei Morti di epoca Ramesside nei Musei Civici di Arte Antica di Ferrara
  • Silvia Zago -Where is Justice Served? Reconsidering the Location of the Great Court of Day 21 in Papyrus Abbott
  • Marilina Betrò – Butehamun: a palaeographer or a person of interest? Some remarks on Turin coffin 2236, reburials, caches and the sign of the lunar crescent
  • Abdelghaffar Wagdy – Uschebtis aus Heliopolis (Ausgrabung von Hosh-Aleash, 1986)
  • Stefan Bojowald – Ein neuer Vorschlag zum Vogelnamen „kyꜣ“ im demotischen pBerlin P 13602, frag. A, 3
  • Flora Silvano – Statuette in faïence da Medinet Madi/Narmouthis, Egitto
  • Marzia CavrianiAegyptiaca at Karkemish
  • Marco RossiAegyptiaca da Tell Deinit (Siria)
  • Zsolt Simon – Who is a mdayn / mdaýn? On the Carians in Egypt
  • Abbas Al-Hussainy, Anacleto D’Agostino, Valentina Orsi, Jesper Eidem – Excavations at Tell as-Sadoum, ancient Marad (Iraq). Summary Report on the 2019 Archaeological Season
  • Michele Degli Esposti – Iron Age basketry in South East Arabia: a note from Salūt (Oman)
  • Daniel T. Potts – Camels and their rations in the Persepolis Fortification Archive: An enigma and its variations
  • Rocco Palermo – Climatic Variations and Imperial Landscapes in Northern Mesopotamia. From the Fall of Assyria to the Parthian-Roman Period
  • Giulia Seclì – La versione siriaca di Barhebraeus del K. al-išārāt wa ’l-tanbīhāt nel MS. Firenze, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Orientale 86
  • Giovanni Mazzini – Aspects of criminal law in ancient South Arabia
  • Daniele Mascitelli – Towers, marching, cows. Lexical notes on words occurring in Hadramitic inscriptions compared to some Classical Arabic poems