Wednesday 1 December


17.00-17.30 – Welcome addresses by the Rector of Pisa University and the Department of Civiltà e Forme del Sapere

17.30-18.00 – Introduction (Marilina Betrò, Cécile Michel)

18.00-18.45 – John Baines (Oxford): Material and spatial contexts of early writing: Egypt and a comparison with late second millennium BCE China

18.45-19.30 – Questions and discussion


Thursday 2 December


9.30-10.00 – Susanne Töpfer (Museo Egizio): Beyond Philology – What material features and scribal practice can tell about use and function of texts

10.00-10.15Questions and discussion

10.15-10.45 – Ondřej Škrabal (Hamburg): For Spirits’ Eyes Only? The Epigraphic Landscape of Ancient Chinese Ancestral Temples

10.45-11.00Questions and discussion


11.00-11.30Coffee break


11.30-12.00 – Ludwig Morenz (Bonn): Can the subaltern … write? (Re-/De-)Constructing a palaeo-postcolonial discours with a special focus on the invention of alphabetic writing

12.00-12.15Questions and discussion

12.15-12.45 – Ingo Strauch (Lausanne): Who wrote what in Ancient India and where and why

12.45-13.00Questions and discussion


13.00-15.00Lunch break


15.00-15.30 – Eva Cancik-Kirschbaum (Berlin): „Open the tablet box and read!“ Textual artefacts and the creation of temporal communities

15.30-15.45 – Questions and discussion

15.45-16.15 – Philippe Clancier (Paris): “Get your notebooks!” Teaching material in context in late Uruk private houses

16.15-16.30 – Questions and discussion

16.30-17.00 – Stefano De Martino (Turin), Michele Cammarosano (Naples): The Tablet as Object: Hittite and Hurrian Texts

17.00-17.15 – Questions and discussion



Friday 3 December


09.00- 09.30 – Jorrit Kelder (Oxford/Leiden): Text Matters. Epigraphy, archaeology, and our understanding of the Mycenaean world

09.30-09.45Questions and discussion

9.45-10.15 – Jesper Eidem (Pisa), Cécile Michel (Paris): Some Mesopotamian Challenges

10.15-10.30Questions and discussion


10.30-11.00Coffee break


11.00-11.30 – Andreas Stauder (Paris): Inscriptions in contact: early New Kingdom Qurnah

11.30-11.45Questions and discussion

11.45-12.00 – Gianluca Miniaci (Pisa): Mutilating written signs: how the materiality of text affected the forms of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs (2600-1500 BC)

12.00-12.15Questions and discussion


12.15-13.15 – Final discussion (Michael Friedrich)



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