Novità editoriale: “Company of Images: Modelling the Imaginary World of Middle Kingdom Egypt (2000-1500 BC)”

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È uscito “Company of Images: Modelling the Imaginary World of Middle Kingdom Egypt (2000-1500 BC)”, pubblicazione d’egittologia edita nella prestigiosa collana d’orientalistica OLA della casa editrice Peeters. A cura di Gianluca Miniaci, Marilina Betrò (Università di Pisa) e Stephen Quirke (UCL), il volume comprende gli atti dell’omonimo convegno tenutosi presso l’UCL Institute of Archaeology nel 2014 a conclusione del progetto di ricerca Marie Curie “EPOCHS” diretto da Miniaci. Studiosi di livello internazionale analizzano la percezione che gli Egizi avevano del mondo e il modo in cui lo codificavano in immagini attraverso lo studio della cultura materiale, dei relativi contesti archeologici e della società del Medio Bronzo (2000-1500 a.C.). L’editing finale della pubblicazione ha visto la collaborazione anche di alcuni studenti e dottorandi dell’Università di Pisa.
  • Susan J. Allen, Decoration and image on Middle Kingdom pottery: can fish dishes be read?
  • Zuzanna Bennett, Conceptions of demons in the Middle Kingdom Coffin Texts 
  • Kamila Braulińska, Middle Kingdom dog figurines. General remarks 
  • Richard Bussmann, Personal piety: an archaeological response 
  • Sabrina Ceruti, The hippopotamus goddess carrying a crocodile on her back: an iconographical motif distinctive of the late Middle Kingdom
  • Roberto A. Díaz Hernández, ‘Paddle dolls’ – ritual figurines of fertility
  • Gersande Eschenbrenner-Diemer, From the workshop to the grave: the case of wooden funerary models
  • Wolfram Grajetzki, A zoo en-miniature: the impact of the central government on the rise and fall of animal/zoomorphic amulets’ production during the First Intermediate Period and Middle Kingdom 
  • Renata Landgráfová, No imagined worlds, no imagined achievements. Veracity statements in Twelfth Dynasty auto/biographies with military-like topic 
  • Gianluca Miniaci, Unbroken stories: Middle Kingdom faience figurines in their archaeological context
  • Ellen Morris, Middle Kingdom clappers, dancers, birth magic, and the reinvention of ritual 
  • Rune Nyord, ‘An image of the owner as he was on earth’. Representation and ontology in Middle Kingdom funerary images
  • Stephen Quirke, Figuring migrations: severing and joining power lines
  • Mohamed Gamal Rashed, The four primeval elements of creation according to the philosophy of Hermopolis: a new interpretation of their origin 
  • Lisa K. Sabbahy, The Middle Bronze Age Egyptian griffon: whence and whither? 
  • Angela M. J. Tooley, Notes on type 1 truncated figurines: the Ramesseum ladies 
  • Marcella Trapani, A deposit of female figurines from Gebelein (Schiaparelli’s campaign in 1910) 
  • Josef Wegner, Raise yourself up: mortuary imagery in the tomb of Woseribre Seneb-Kay

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