“Middle Kingdom Studies” is a peer-reviewed series with an advisory board of international renown, and from 2018 indexed by Scopus/Elsevier. MKS is published by Golden House Publications and distributed worldwide. The series encompasses all aspects of the Middle Bronze Age in Egypt 2050-1550 BC.

“Kitab – Egyptology in Focus” is a new academic series founded by Gianluca Miniaci. Kitab aims at hosting focused researches on unique subjects which are usually too long for journal articles and too short for a monograph. The first sub-series is devoted to the “Material Culture of ancient Egypt and Nubia”.

“Ancient Egypt in Context” (Cambridge Elements – Cambridge University Press) is an academic series that offers an authoritative but accessible overviews of foundational and emerging topics in the study of ancient Egypt, along with comparative analyses, translated into a language comprehensible to non-specialists.