Archaeological finds from Zawyet Sultan at the Louvre Museum


Simultaneously with the excavation mission in Zawyet Sultan, the team, directed by G. Miniaci, started a photographic and analytic documentation of the objects discovered during the excavations of Raymond Weill at Zawyet Sultan in the beginning of the Twentieth century and held in the Louvre Museum.

Weill gathered his personal collection of antiquities thanks to his excavations (included Zawyet Sultan) since, as the “partage” tradition in use at the time with the Egyptian government, part of the objects found where recognized as his personal propriety. The collection was also increased thanks to purchases made on the antiquarian market in Egypt.

A large part of his collection was left from Weill as legacy to the Louvre Museum, that entered in the French collection only in the 1922 after the death of Mrs. Weill, to whom the collection was left as usufruct.

Nowadays more than 350 objects from Zawyet Sultan are held in the Louvre Museum.


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