The perceptions of crisis: society between trauma and seek for opportunities

The panel is organised within the framework of the conference ‘Rethinking the crisis: opportunities and perceptions in historical transformations from antiquity to today‘, and will take place remotely on November 29th, 2021.

The concept of crisis applied to Egyptological research immediately refers to Intermediate Periods, labelled by historiography as moments of transition, collapse, decline, or revolution. In approaching the study and discussion of periods commonly defined as periods of crisis and rupture with the past, the main aim is to understand their motivations, happenings, and consequences. In an attempt to reconstruct the big picture of events, the thoughts and intentions of the women and men who have gone through these periods often remain in the background, due to lack or difficulty in interpreting the sources. This meeting wants to take the opportunity to focus on the perception that individuals or social groups have had of phenomena of transformation or rupture of the social order. Likewise, on the opportunities that rupture and need for adaptation bring. What are the evidences of a crisis and how can they be interpreted? How is it possible to make textual and material sources dialogue to reconstruct not only the flow of events but also the stories of the protagonists of these moments? The meeting aims to discern from the equation crisis = political and social instability = intermediate period, including in the dialogue also phenomena of instability and change on a smaller scale in geographical, temporal, and social terms.  


29th November, 14:00 CET – Egyptology Panel
Opening session: Prof. Marilina Betrò – University of Pisa
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Ellen Morris – Columbia University
Dr. Wojciech Ejsmond – Polish Academy of Sciences
Dr. Edward Mushett Cole – University of Birmingham
Dr. Marta Kaczanowicz – Polish Academy of Sciences
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