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Miniaci G., Grajetzki W. (a cura di), “The World of Middle Kingdom Egypt (2000-1550 BC)”, Vol. II, Londra 2016

Miniaci G., Grajetzki W. (a cura di), The World of Middle Kingdom Egypt (2000-1550 BC)Contributions on archaeology, art, religion, and written sources. Vol. II, Golden House Publications, Londra 2016.


  • Marilina Betrò, Tombs in transition: MIDAN.05 and windows in the early Eighteenth Dynasty
  • Anna Consonni, Precious finds from an early Middle Kingdom tomb in Thebes: reconstructing connections between the dead and their goods 
  • John Darnell, Colleen Darnell, Umm-Mawagir in Kharga Oasis: an Industrial Landscape of the Late Middle Kingdom/Second Intermediate Period
  • Vivian Davies, The tomb of a Governor of Elkab of the Second Intermediate Period 
  • Marleen De Meyer, An Isolated Middle Kingdom Tomb At Dayr Al-Barsha
  • Nathalie Favry, The Transmission of Offices in The Middle Kingdom
  • Wolfram Grajetzki Gianluca Miniaci, The stela of the Thirteenth Dynasty treasurer Senebsumai 
  • Karin Kopetzky, Some Remarks on the Relations between Egypt and the Levant during the late Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period
  • Ingrid Melandri, Female Burials in the Funerary Complexes of the Twelfth Dynasty: an Architectonic Approach
  • Stephen Quirke, Diachronic questions of form and function: falcon-head utensils in Middle Kingdom contexts
  • Mohammed Gamal Rashed, The Egg is a metaphor for Isis: a Coffin Text Imagery
  • Gloria Rosati, ‘Writing-Board Stelae’ with Sokar-Formula: Preliminary Account
  • Ashraf Senussi, Said Abd Alhafeez Abd Allah Kheder, Two loose blocks from Hawara of Sobek-Hotep 
  • Julien Siesse, An unpublished Scarab of Queen Tjan (Thirteenth Dynasty) from the Louvre Museum (AF 6755) 
  • Pascal Vernus, Literary exploitation of a craftman’s device: the sandal-maker biting leather (Teaching of Chety, pSallier VIII, 12). When philology, iconography and archaeology overlap
  • Fred Vink, Boundaries of Protection: Function and Significance of the Framing (Lines) on Middle Kingdom Apotropaia, in particular Magic Wands 
  • Paul Whelan, On the Context and Conception of Two ‘Trademark’ Styles from Late Middle Kingdom Abydos