Egittologia Pisa

Egitto e Vicino Oriente 45 (2022)

Direttore responsabile: Marilina Betrò

  • Wolfram Grajetzki, Three notes on Middle Kingdom inscriptions
  • Gabriele Mario Conte, Two “amuletic formulas” against demons: the Ḥr wꜣḏ Sḫm.t and sꜣ ḥꜣ sꜣ formulas
  • Julia Budka, Investigating Nubian funerary practices of marginal communities: new evidence from a Kerma cemetery at Ginis
  • Frederik Rogner, Harvest scenes in the tomb chapel of Ineni (TT 81) and in the Queen Mary Psalter: Some thoughts on rendering spatial relations intwo-dimensional images and the finding of pictorial solutions
  • Hassan Aglan, Unknown funerary cones from Central Dra’ Abu el-Naga (CDAN) 
  • Riccardo Andreozzi, A report study on the garlands of Schweinfurth’s collection at the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden in Leiden
  • Christian Orsenigo, Su due reperti egizi recentemente acquisiti dal Museo di Crema
  • Elena Tiribilli, Small finds from the shafts of the tomb of Khunes at ancient Hebenu (Zawyet Sultan)
  • Alexandra von Lieven, Local Variation of a Pan-Egyptian Myth: The Osiris-Myth in the Section on Bubastis in pBrooklyn 47.218.84
  • Ilaria Incordino, Animal-shaped vessels from the Late Antique monastic settlement of Manqabad (Asyut, Egypt)
  • Mattia Mancini, An unpublished Inventory of Salt’s Second Egyptian Collection from the Biblioteca Labronica in Livorno
  • Mattias Karlsson, Egyptian women as citizens of Assur
  • Anna Maria Pastorino, Guido Rossi, Le lastre assire del Museo di Archeologia Ligure, nuovi dati
  • Alexia Pavan, Chiara Visconti, Looking for connections between Arabia and East Asia: diplomatic gifts, luxury vessels and utilitarian wares unearthed at the city port of al-Balīd, Sultanate of Oman
  • Giovanni Mazzini, The Qatabanic term tqnt in the light of Northwest Semitic
  • Pier Giorgio Borbone, An “Unpublished” Published Syro-Turkic Gravestone from Semirechye dated to the ‘Year of the Snake’