Ancient Egypt in Context


Editors: Gianluca Miniaci (University of Pisa), Juan Carlos Moreno Garcia (CNRS, Paris), Anna Stevens (University of Cambridge & Monash University)

Ancient Egypt offers a rich foundation from which to reconstruct life in the past, with its remarkable range of written, visual and material sources and its international connections. Yet the study of ancient Egypt is too often isolated from other disciplines and Egyptology is under-represented in broader discourse on human experience in the past and present. Ancient Egypt in Context will address this issue, offering authoritative but accessible overviews of foundational and emerging topics in the study of ancient Egypt, along with comparative analyses, translated into a language comprehensible to non-specialists. Its authors will take a step back and connect ancient Egypt to the world around, bringing ancient Egypt to the attention of the broader humanities community and leading Egyptology in new directions.

Ancient Egypt in Context will:

  • Provide concise yet authoritative overviews of fundamental themes in the study of ancient Egypt, alongside original, innovative insights into frontier topics.
  • Advocate a more fluid combination of archaeology, history, anthropology and other disciplines. 
  • Generate models, theories and datasets that can be integrated into broader archaeological and historical discourse.
  • Demonstrate the potential of multi-perspective research, including through comparative approaches, whether geographical, temporal or disciplinary.
  • Provide a dynamic reference resource for students, researchers and specialists, not only of Egyptology but also of other social sciences.

Scope of the series

The imperative for the series is to use terminology and approaches that can easily be understood by non-Egyptologists, without over-simplifying issues. Topics will fall under one (or more) of three main categories:

  • Major themes – Multi-perspective overviews of major topics that seek to mark current understanding, position the topic in broad interdisciplinary perspective and shape future research.
  • Exploring topics – Data-driven and micro-history approaches that provide in depth examinations of key and emerging topics, providing lynchpins for both cross-disciplinary analysis and the furthering of Egyptological research.
  • Global views – Comparative research that considers interdisciplinary and intercultural perspectives in greater depth and promotes reflection on the current position and future direction of Egyptology.


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Judith Bunbury, Reim Rowe

The Nile

Mobility and Management


(Ancient Egypt in Context 6)



Leslie Anne Warden

Ceramic Perspectives on Ancient Egyptian Society


(Ancient Egypt in Context 5)



Kathlyn M. Cooney

Coffin Commerce

How a Funerary Materiality Formed Ancient Egypt


(Ancient Egypt in Context 4)



John Coleman Darnel

Egypt and the Desert


(Ancient Egypt in Context 3)



Uroš Matić

Ethnic Identities in the Land of the Pharaohs

Past and Present Approaches in Egyptology


(Ancient Egypt in Context 2)



Rune Nyord

Seeing Perfection

Ancient Egyptian Images beyond Representation


(Ancient Egypt in Context 1)



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