Medinet Madi – Mission 2005


In the year 2005, the Pisa University (working with the collaboration of Messina) developed a program in two parts, the first in October, the second in November 2005.

The program of October was asking to prepare a “CATALOGUE” of fragmentary findings of previous expeditions (2000-2004), items (parts of woods, pottery, ropes etc.) which the SCA inspectors, accompanying the Italian mission during the different seasons, don’t register, but of scientifical interest for the mission, kept, in a chronological order in cartoons, in the closed Mission Stores at Medinet Madi. Our program foresees that, after the study during this mission, the fragmentary and week objects could be transferred to the SCA Kom Ushim Magazine according with the new law.


During the November month, we decided to continued the exploration of Medinet Madi area, extending the investigation of the buildings southward of the buildings discovered last season, at South-East of the painted hall. TheMission continued the consolidation and restoration of the building found during the 2004 expedition.
The cleaned area of 2005 is large, but the buildings have been found in very bad condition (because the earth quark of the year 307 ?), in part also ruined by fire; the excavations provided few objects, few little fragments of Greek papyri, some late and fragmentary pottery and fayence items.
The items registered, according to the choose of the SCA Inspectors, and all the fragmentary material found during the excavation, have been transferred in box to Kom Ushim Magazine according with the new law about excavations.

The SCA Inspector accompanying the Pisa University Mission in October and November 2005 was Mr Ouni Mokhtar Hassan el Hossary.

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