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Mona Akmal M. Ahmed Nasr

I am Mona Akmal Nasr, Egyptian student with great interest in prehistoric Archaeology. I started studying Archaeology and Egyptology since 2005 in the faculty of Archaeology, Cairo university, and graduated on 2009. My interest in the field of Archaeology was reflected through and enhanced by my academic path as well as my work experience in the Ministry of Antiquities in Egypt especially during the last five years when I joined the exhibition team of the Grand Egyptian Museum, and became in charge of the curatorial work of the prehistoric collection as well as working as part of several teams such as the Hololens team, CRM team, and text writing team. Moreover being a part of several missions working in the Nile valley and the western desert of Egypt has largely contributed to increasing my eagerness to explore more and varied topics of Archaeology and History. However, since I believe that theoretical and practical knowledge have to go together in parallel , I decided to continue studying archaeology with a preliminary year for the Master degree on 2012, and then in 2013 I enrolled in the Joint MA programme “Environmental Archaeology”, which is a joint programme between faculty of Archaeology Cairo university and faculty of science, cologne university, which was an intensive programme wuth varied courses beside the thesis. Now, I am enrolled in the Phd programme “Phd in history” in the university of Pisa. Although I am still in the 1st year I think that it’s just the beginning of a new productive and promising chance & challenge to change by exchange, learn new things and new methodologies of the research and dive deeper into the prehistoric Archaeology of Egypt and worldwide.

Mona Akmal M. Ahmed (Feb.2016). Preliminary Study about Ivory Handles in Predynastic Egypt : Production Sequence, Technology, and Typology. GARDEN III, DAI Cairo.

Mona Akmal M. Ahmed (Feb.2017). Infants and Children in Prehistoric Egypt and Sudan: The Evolution of Their Mortuary Space, With an Assessment of the Usefulness of Different Research Perspectives. GARDEN V, DAI Cairo.

Mona Akmal M. Ahmed (2017). Solutions against constraints in investigating the paleopathology of Infants ad Children: Assessment of the current situation from Egypt. Origins.5 (Poster session).

Mona Akmal M. Ahmed & Aboualhassan Bakry. Prehistoric Child burials in Sudan.  Sudanarchäologische Gesellschaft zu Berlin e.V, 2017.

Mona Akmal M. Ahmed (Sept.2019). The Integrated Cultic and Ritual Context of Bab el Gasus Collection at the Grand Egyptian Museum. Proceedings of Bab el Gasus in Context International Colloquium, Lisbon 2016.

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