PROCESS – Publications

In this section a list of publication of the project PROCESS is available. The results of the research, currently ongoing, are published on books and international peer-reviewed journals, some also available open access.

Scientific Publications

  • Miniaci G., Forte V., Profiling the Identity of the Producers of the Mud Figurines at Lahun (Egypt, MBA II, c. 1800-1700 BC), “Journal of Archaeological Anthropology” (in stampa). Peer-reviewed.
  • Miniaci G, Lacovara P. (eds), The Treasure of the Egyptian Queen Ahhotep and International Relations at the Turn of the Middle Bronze Age (1650–1550 BCE), Middle Kingdom Studies 11, GHP, London 2022.
  • Grajetzki W., The Sarcophagus of Hunefer and other New Kingdom Private Sarcophagi, with the assistance of Christiane Müller-Hazenbos, Kitab – Egyptology in focus, Nicanorbooks, London 2021.
  • Miniaci G., Saler C., The Metal Sheet Figurines from Byblos: Evidence of an Egyptian Import and Adaptation, “Ägypten und Levante” 31 (2021), 339-356. Peer-reviewed.
  • Miniaci G., Revealing the invisible majority: ‘hegemonic’ class artefacts as biography containers of the ‘underprivileged’ groups, in “Challenging Assumptions: Critical Approaches to the Social History of Ancient Egypt”, K. Cooney, N.Ben-Marzouk, D. Candelora (eds). Taylor & Francis, (in stampa). Peer-reviewed.
  • Miniaci G., At the dawn of the Late Bronze Age ‘globalization’: the (re)-circulation of Egyptian artefacts in Nubia and the Northern Levant in the MB II–mid MB III (c. 1710–1550 BC), “Claroscuro” No. 19 Vol. 2, 2021 (in stampa). Peer-reviewed.
  • Miniaci G., The Middle Kingdom Ramesseum Papyri Tomb and its Archaeological Context, Kitab – Egyptology in focus, Nicanorbooks, London 2020. ISBN: 978-1838118006, Peer-Reviewed. Gold open access:

New series: Kitab – Egyptology in Focus, Material Culture of ancient Egypt and Nubia. Nicanor Books publisher, Londra. 


  • Miniaci G., Forte V., Grajetzki W., Saler C., Mud Figurines at Lahun: searching for an ‘archaeometric’ social history, “Egyptian Archaeology” 60 (2022), 23-24.
  • Miniaci G., Saler C., Forte V., Object biographies and human practices: launching PROCESS, Egyptian Archaeology 57 (2020), 38-39.