Guidelines for contributors

Articles submittance

Egitto e Vicino Oriente (EVO) is an annual journal published by the University of Pisa and founded by Prof. Edda Bresciani in 1978.
The journal welcomes high-quality research articles and short notes written in Italian, French, English and German, on the different fields of Egyptology and the ancient cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean and Western Asia. The journal also accepts articles on the interactions between these areas.
EVO is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal, printed out by Pisa University Press and having online access through JSTOR.
Papers to be proposed for publication in EVO should be sent by email to and, in copy, to the Director Marilina Betrò (


The text of the contribution should be written in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx), Times New Roman or Times (12 points), 1 point line spacing.
Footnotes (see below Bibliography) should also be written in Times New Roman or Times (10 points), simple-spaced lines.
Footnotes should be placed above the line (superscript) after punctuation.
Hieroglyphs should be embedded in the text and submitted as separated images as well, .jpg, .tiff, .png and numbered according to their sequence in the paper.
All non-standard fonts used (e.g. Transliteration, Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, etc.) must be provided separately with the manuscripts.
Images, drawings, tables and artwork must be submitted in separate files. Captions of illustrations should be placed in a separate Word file, named “Captions_Surname of the author” and numbered according to the number given to the illustrations.
Articles should not exceed 8000 words (including bibliography), and 10 images but shorter texts/brief communications as notes of no more than 4000 words are also accepted. The paragraphs are not to be numbered.
For both formats, an abstract in English not exceeding 200 words is required. Please submit also a PDF file including all the images, drawings, tables, graphs, fonts and captions within the main text in the position where they should occur. The function of this file is simply to serve as a preview to allow a more adherent layout. Please provide the institutional affiliation and the email address as well.

Copyright of all images should be cleared. Authors are responsible for copyright violations.
Furthermore, each author, by agreeing to publish on EVO, implicitly grants permission to publish the email address provided.

Drafts and abstracts

Authors of papers accepted for publication in EVO after peer review will receive one-off proofs at the email address they have indicated, while second and final drafts will be corrected by the editorial staff. They will also receive the final abstract of the journal with their article in PDF format.


Bibliographic references to articles or volumes quoted in footnotes must be in shortened form, indicating the author’s surname in small capitals followed by the year of publication, page number/s (e.g. use Shulman 1963, 75-76, not 75-6).

The full list of titles -under an alphabetical order, in case of same author please follow a chronological order- should be added in a separate file or at the end of each contribution under
a section titled ‘Bibliography’.
Each bibliographical reference in the footnote should be resolved in the final Bibliography by giving the abbreviated form (author’s surname + year followed by the sign ‘=’) and the extended version of the cited work.

Books/Monographs as quoted in final bibliography:

Allen 2005 = J.P. Allen, The Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts, Atlanta 2005.
Cited in the footnotes as:
Allen 2005, 35.

Articles as quoted in final bibliography:

Shulman 1963 = A.R. Schulman, “The Egyptian Chariotry: a Reexamination”, JARCE 2 (1963), 75-98.
Cited in the footnotes as:
Schulman 1963, 75-76.
Bresciani, Pintaudi 1999 = E. Bresciani, R. Pintaudi, “The Discovery of a new Temple at Medinet Madi”, EA 15 (1999), 18-20.
Cited in the footnotes as:
Bresciani, Pintaudi 1999, 19.
Giuffra et al. 2009 = V. Giuffra, D. Pangoli, P. Cosmacini, D. Caramella, F. Silvano, G. Fornaciari, R. Ciranni, “Paleopathological evaluation and radiologocal study of 46 Egyptian mummified specimens in Italian museums”, EVO 32 (2009), 121-155.
Cited in the footnotes as:
Giuffra et al. 2009, 121-123.

Articles in collective publication as quoted in final bibliography

Bresciani 2008 = E. Bresciani, “I Lorena e l’Egitto svelato”, in R.P. Coppini, A. Tosi (eds), Sovrani nel Giardino d’Europa. Pisa e i Lorena, Pisa 2008, 161-174.
Cited in the footnotes as:
Bresciani 2008, 170-174.

In the case of two or more works by the same author in the same year of publication, the letters of the alphabet should be added after the date in the round (a, b, c, etc.), without interposing a space:
Bresciani 2007a, 385-394.


Should be referenced by the particular web-page (the most accessible page, possibly the home page), preferably followed by a date of consultation, e.g. ‘’.

  • Online articles:
    Betrò 2017 = M. Betrò, “Rosellini, Ippolito”, in Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani, Istituto dell’Enciclopedia Italiana, Treccani 2017. Available online at <last accessed 19 Feb 2020>.
    Moreno García 2018 = J. C. Moreno García, “Microhistory”, UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology, 1(1), 2018. Available online at <last accessed 14 Dec 2018>.


For the abbreviations of journals and series, please use those in use in your discipline.
Other abbreviations: please use “fig.” for figure (“figs”), “pl.” for plate (“pls”), “n.” for note, and “no.” for number.