Marilina Betrò

Marilina Betrò

Professore ordinario

Marilina Betrò has been Full Professor in Egyptology at the University of Pisa since 2005, where she started to work as a researcher in 1983. She has been teaching in Pisa since 1992/93.

She was President of the Athenaeum Museum System (2012-14); President of the Master in Languages and Cultures of the Near and Middle East and President of the Interdepartmental Center of Computer Services for the Humanistic Area (CISIAU) of the University of Pisa (2006-2010). Since 2003 she has been directing the Italian Archaeological Excavation in Dra Abu el-Naga (M.I.D.A.N.) on the west bank of the Nile, facing Luxor.

She has coordinated numerous national and international research projects, including the most recent “East” and “West”: from one world to another? Contacts, exchanges, identities (PRA 2016); the Italian-Egypt international cooperation project “Innovative Technologies applied to information, analysis and dissemination of the archaeological data on Egyptian antiquities” (2009-2012); the Rosellini Project (2008-2012), with the digitalization and online publication of the published and unpublished material of the Tuscan expedition in Egypt, conserved in Pisa. She is the author of about 200 publications.