Egittologia Pisa

“Museological aspects of Egyptology” Course

We advise the students that the “Museological aspects of Egyptology” course, held by Dr Christian Greco (Director Museo Egizio, Turin), will start on Friday 30th September, 2:15 pm, at Aula PAO B2 (Palazzo Carità, via Pasquale Paoli, 15). The course is part of the new Master’s Degree programme in English Ancient Egypt and Western Asia: archaeology, history and languages (AEWA).

The first class will take place in the classroom till 4:30 pm. Then studends will move to the Chiesa di Sant’Eufrasia (Biblioteca di Antichistica, Via dei Mille 15) where Dr Greco will take part to the symposium “A 200 anni dalla decifrazione del geroglifico. Giornate per Edda Bresciani” organized by Prof. Marilina Betrò. The participation to this second part of the class is compulsory and it is an integral part of the course.

Classes timetable:

  • Friday 14.15-19.15, Aula PAO B2

Museum collections are often perceived as static entities hidden away in storerooms or trapped behind showcases. By focusing on the dynamic histories of museum collections new research reveals their pivotal role in shaping a wide range of social relations. Over time and across space the interactions between these artefacts and the people and institutions who made, traded, collected and exhibited them have generated complex networks of material and social agency. This class will draw on a broad range of source materials to explore the cross cultural interactions which have created museum collections.

As European nation-states came of age in the nineteenth century, museums and archaeology played critical roles in constructing each nation’s ideas of its distinctive heritage and identity. A theoretical overview of those historical elements will be at the basis of a more conscious reflection on the role of contemporary museums, both in Europe and in Egypt. How museums deal with their history? How can we define their identity’ What is their future? How should a museum tackle ethical issues?