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Miniaci G., Grajetzki W. (eds), “The World of Middle Kingdom Egypt (2000-1550 BC), Vol.III”

Miniaci G., Grajetzki W. (eds), The World of Middle Kingdom Egypt (2000-1550 BC). Contributions on archaeology, art, religion, and written sources. Vol. III, Golden House Publications, London 2022.

The volume includes 22 essays on Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period Egypt, ranging from archaeological records to written sources, from prosopography to landscape studies. Several contributions focus on object study, including coffins, stelae, shells, toilet objects, headdresses, and weapons . The articles include a high number of first time published objects.


  • Cristina Alù, Some Remarks on the sx.tjw and their Overseers: The Multiple Meanings of sx.t and the Social Identity of the Marsh-dwellers
  • Daphna Ben-Tor, James M. Weinstein, Scarabs from a Late Middle Kingdom Workshop at Tell el-Dab‘a
  • Edward Brovarski, A Hitherto Unpublished Middle Kingdom Stela in the Field Museum of Natural History – Chicago
  • Arkadiy E. Demidchik, Some Remarks on Neha’s Spell for Gaining Power over his Servant Statuettes
  • Micòl Di Teodoro, The Preservation of Monuments in the Written Sources of Dynastic Egypt between 2000 and 1550 BC
  • Gudelia García Fernández, Angela M.J. Tooley, Paddle Dolls from the Spanish Mission to Dra Abu el-Naga: Images and Contexts
  • Wolfram Grajetzki, Middle Kingdom Coffins and Coffin Fragments in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
  • Ali Hassan Eid, The Journey from Authenticity to Forgery: A Case-study on an Adzeblade (Egyptian Museum Cairo JE 67944) of the Thirteenth Dynasty
  • Khaled Hassan, Middle Kingdom Wooden Board with Hieratic Inscriptions from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo (JE 30442/CG 25369/SR 920)
  • Dinara Hereikhanova, Not only for a King: Nms-headdresses on the Objects of the Twelfth to Eighteenth Dynasties
  • Lubica Hudáková, The Acquisition of a Coffin – Tracing the (Art) History of the Coffin of Neby (MFA 04.2058): From Dayr al-Barsha to Beni Hassan to Boston
  • Alexander Ilin-Tomich, Minor contributions to Middle Kingdom prosopography
  • Esmeralda Lundius, Processing Sites in the Funerary Landscape: Observations on Ancient Egyptian Offering Trays and ‘Soul houses’
  • Ahmed M. Mekawy Ouda, Seven Oyster Shells at the Egyptian Museum Cairo (CG 12825-12829, JE 28320 and JE 91753)
  • Ahmed M. Mekawy Ouda, Khaled Hassan, Wooden Kohl Tube with Hieratic Inscriptions at the Egyptian Museum Cairo (CG 44703/JE 18553)
  • Gianluca Miniaci, Cornelius von Pilgrim, An Unusual Mutilation of the Crocodile Hieroglyphic Sign in an Early Middle Kingdom Stela from the Sanctuary II of Heqaib at Elephantine
  • Stephen Quirke, Three Types of inscribed Middle Kingdom objects in the Purchases by Flinders Petrie
  • Patricia Rigault, A new Occurrence of CT 398 on two Coffin Fragments in the Louvre Museum
  • Julien Siesse, The Late Middle Kingdom Stela Louvre N 196 = C 42 from the Louvre Museum
  • Uta Siffert, ‘Death ends a Life, not a Relationship’. Some Thoughts on Designatin the Deceased Ax and Wsir NN in the Middle Kingdom
  • Danijela Stefanović, The Administration of the Middle Kingdom Weaving Workshops: a Note on the Textual and Iconographic Data
  • Mohamed Youssef Ali, The Statue of Ameny from his Tomb at Lisht