Egittologia Pisa

New Summer Schools in Egyptology

The University of Pisa is pleased to announce the launch of a new series of online Summer Schools in Egyptology. The Summer Schools will be structured as 7-days intensive academic programmes, with international experts introducing the students to specific topics of Egyptological research. The first two Summer Schools will take place in the month of September.

Summer School “How to study Egyptian mummies: techniques and instruments” (2-8 September 2024) will present the history and evolution of mummification, the study of ancient Egyptian human remains, the main palaeopathological and bioarchaeological techniques and instruments.

The deadline for submitting applications is July 2, 2024.

Summer School “Ancient Egyptian Magic and Astronomy: Texts and Practices” (16-22 September 2024) will explore the study of magical texts and objects, magical practitioners, ancient astronomy and astrology, introducing the student to the main instruments and topics and focusing on significant case studies.

The deadline for submitting applications is July 15, 2024.

The Summer Schools are designed for students, cultural heritage professionals, and Egyptology enthusiasts who wish to deepen their knowledge of the subject by having first-hand the research conducted by scholars on specific topics.

For more information on the programme, teachers, application, check out the website: contact us at