Editor-in-chief: Simon Thuault

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Sylvie Donnat, Vincent Francigny, Orly Goldwasser, Eliese-Sofia Lincke, Stéphne Polis, Claude Rilly, Dina Serova, Andreas Stauder

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(ISSN online: 2752-6267; ISSN: 2752-6259)

The series Kitab – Egyptology in Focus (sub-series: Written Culture of Ancient Egypt and Nubia), founded and coordinated by Gianluca Miniaci, seeks to provide space for very focused long articles or short books, and is a scientific vehicle for those research topics which do not fit neatly into the format of a journal article or a book. Occasionally, research is too short and concise for a full monograph but too long and detailed for a journal article. Therefore, Kitab aims at acting as a focused “container”, which draws the right attention to important concise research, spotlighting the research subject by isolating it in single standing-alone volumes, and helping to prevent research unnecessarily divided across articles in journals and collective volumes. Kitab will also help in speedily communicating the results of a focused research and makes research outputs immediately available online and in printed versions.

The second sub-series is devoted to the “Written Culture of Ancient Egypt and Nubia”. 

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Social Hierarchy in the Satire of the Trades: Scribal Considerations on Crafts in Ancient Egypt



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