Civiltà e Forme del Sapere


Érika Rodrigues De Maynart Ramos

Érika Ramos obtained a Master’s Degree in Social History at the University of São Paulo in 2018 with the dissertation entitled ‘The Scribes and Mnemonic Culture: Status and Intermediation of Cultural Practices in the Middle Kingdom Egypt’. Her academic interests comprise collective memory, material culture and reuse of sacred spaces in the Third Intermediate Period. Érika carried out an undergraduate exchange in the Nova University of Lisbon (2012), was Representative of the Association for Students of Egyptology in São Paulo (2016-2018), coordinated the Egyptian hieroglyphic seminar of the Laboratório do Antigo Oriente Próximo – USP (2016-2018), was teaching assistant at undergraduate level in the University of São Paulo (2016), and was board member of various conference committees in the Laboratório do Antigo Oriente Próximo – USP. Her current PhD research aims to discuss the socioeconomic decline in the Third Intermediate Period, analysing patterns of reuse of sacred spaces.

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