PROCESS – “Pharaonic Rescission: Objects as Crucibles of ancient Egyptian SocietieS”

The project “Pharaoh Rescission: Objects as Crucibles of ancient Egyptian SocietieS” (PROCESS – PRIN “Progetti di Ricerca di Interesse Nazionale”2017), coordinated by Prof. Miniaci, aims to write a social history of Ancient Egypt, beyond the glories of pharaohs and queens, placing the people and the less wealthy classes at the center.

The focus of the project is to reconstruct the history of Ancient Egypt in the second millennium BC, combining archaeometric analyzes and archaeological data to extract a mass of information relating to the space-time contexts in which the objects have moved in antiquity, from the extraction of raw materials to their transport, processing, manufacture, circulation and use. PROCESS aims to map a social geography precisely within the artefacts themselves, the product of a fluid exchange between man, thought, technological processes and objects themselves.

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